The restaurant was born from the desire to take you on a journey, where traditional Italian cuisine encounters the spices, aromas and colours of the famous market that characterises Piazza Vittorio.



Our wood-fired oven baked pizza is made with only the best ingredients. For the dough we use selected, high quality, stone-ground flours and is allowed to rise naturally for at least 72 hours, permitting us to offer you a premium product of the best Italian tradition.


Cocktail Bar

Spices are the leitmotif of our cocktails, in harmony with our cuisine.

Bitters, teas and cordials, the ingredients of our drinks, are enhanced with spices and botanicals to take you on a unique journey, from your aperitif, through the dining experience and beyond.


Interior design

Each of our interiors has its own unique story to tell, legible in the signs left over time.

A long journey where each object is testimony of the past and which, through an innovative alchemy, conveys an original, eclectic and welcoming style.


The halls

Sala Vittorio | Sala della Stazione | Sala d’Occidente | Sala d’Oriente


The reservation is valid only after receiving confirmation by telephone before 18.00